Perfect Storm:
"Discover how to ride the storm to create the perfect environment to venture into new business horizons"
    The health of the U.S. economy depends importantly on the vitality of the small business sector, and continued access to credit on competitive terms is necessary for that vitality.  On balance, credit supply conditions to small businesses have tightened substantially since last April.  Although credit appears to be generally available, such availability usually comes with tougher standards and at a higher cost.  However, while credit concerns are real, the weakened state of the economy and the resulting drop in demand for their products and services appear to be the more serious challenge for small businesses in the current environment.
     How small businesses' access to credit will evolve will likely be strongly influenced by the success of recent policies undertaken by the Federal Reserve, the Congress, and other policy institutions aimed at improving the functioning of financial institutions and markets, rebuilding confidence in the financial system, and stimulating economic activity.  Given the current financial and economic environment, the sizes of the effects of recent policies on both the economy and small businesses are highly uncertain.  For these reasons, the Federal Reserve will continue to monitor evolving financial market and economic conditions and their effects on small business access to credit as part of its broader efforts to restore the health of the U.S. financial system and our economy.

"Sometimes nature gives us a lemon, it's our choice to cry or to make lemonade"
"A Hammer can shatter glass but forces steel. The question is, are we glass or are we steel?"
"Losers count their days but winners make their days count"
-Shiv Kiera-

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" Learnov8 is a Canadian based business coaching company which developed this unique training methodology to ensure trainings are delivered with better quality through innovative games, actitivities, Video clips & mind mapping for better learning retention & implementation"

"The average concentration power of an adult is about 20 to 30 minutes"

Enjoy to learn is a innovative learning methodology where it builds on the pretext that humans learn most when they are having fun. Thus, Enjoy 2 learn is creating an enjoyable learning environment to prolong concentration power and longer learning impact. Below are extended Enjoy 2 Learn methodology used in all Learnov8 training programs

Entertrainment uses the element of entertainment in training in order to stimulate the interest of learning. This involves the use of creative sound systems, room setups & lightings which normally used in cinemas
Movies had created a lot of impacts in our everyday lives so much so, we associate a few actors or actresses with their ability to portray certain character. For example, Densel Washington is always associated with his ability to act as an influential leader in most of his movies. Popcorn learning uses short movie clips to reinforce & lock in the learning points. Our research shows most participants love the impacts of movies in training. 
Experiential learning engages participants to go through games & outdoor activities which they have never done it before in the organization or everyday lives which will challenge them to go out of the comfort zone. This create the strongest learning impact because of the experiences they have to go through which is normally unforgettable. 
2 days of training is never enough". This is what most Human Resource Managers comment on the duration of training programs. In order to ensure key concepts and learning points are registered in the mind, Learnov8 uses the accelerated learning method which involves the usage of colours, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), short key point slides, hand gestures and mind mapping & movies to drive messages across.

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