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"Adults are children with money" -MON Learning Partner-

Our training programs are constantly rated 5.3 out of 6.0 on our feedback form and this is what our clients got to say:

One statement to describe this training, it is ……
  1. I learned a lot and very useful for me in my work area.
  2. Excellent motivator
  3. Excellent administration
  4. Sungguh memuaskan
  5. All activities are excellent!
  6. Good work.
  7.  Funny trainer and friendly.
  8. Wonderful
  9. Very well organized and easy to understand and very meaningful.
  10. Every session was very stimulating.
  11. Always very encouraging to participate.
  12. Well prepared
  13. The course is very useful and I really enjoyed it, hope to attend other courses like this in the future.
  14. Activities related well to topics discussed
  15. Good performance
  16. Interesting
  17. Excellent.
  18. I feel so happy in this program
  19. Very efficient and on time
  20. Very nice presentation. We won’t get sleepy.
  21. Fantastic.
  22. The trainer was really good, I & my colleagues really enjoy this program & we are looking forward to another similar program
  23. Fun & effective which met the training objectives.
  24. Enjoyable.
  25. The best training I had ever attended
  26. Excellent course.
  27. Was a power pack & exceptional course which made us realize the fundamental & core value of customer service.
  28. Interesting & knowledge enhancement.
  29. Alive & efficient.
  30. This program had set a new benchmark for training expectation
  31. Very energetic training with full of knowledge & information from trainer
  32. Interesting, easy to remember and good information

    (source: collected from 10 different training programs' evaluation forms)