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Seven Reasons Why Training Is Not Effective & What You Can Do To Improve




 Reason 1

“People rarely are held responsible for using what they learned in a course or workshop when
they get back to the workplace.”

Reason 2

“Often training has no connection to the strategic objectives of the organization, not supported
in the organization – or given the time to work.”

Reason 3

“The piling on the work paradigm”
People may resent having to be in the training because they don’t understand why they’re
there, and they know they’ll have to work harder when they get back to the job to catch up

Reason 4

“Old habits are hard to break! Habits are especially hard to break when there is no support for
the new skills and behaviors back in the workplace.”

Reason 5

“One size fit all syndrome; management doesn’t really know who needs the new skills and

Reason 6

The lone ranger situation.
No one they work with has the same new skills and knowledge that they do. Without support,
as a Lone Ranger, the new ideas they bring back may not get implemented due to peer
resistance or ignorance.

Reason 7

“Training time is compacted in the name of practicality or efficiency,. Trainers are asked to
complete the training in shorter and shorter time blocks.”

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