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"Every Innovation Solves a problem"- Ralph Lauren

LEARNOV8 Delivers Results For Growth

LEARNOV8 is the go-to partner with the resources and experience to take companies to their next level of growth. Our seasoned professionals maximize clients' results through integrated consulting and training services delivered with accountability

Taking companies to the next level

LEARNOV8 takes companies at all stages of growth to the next step through:

  • Ensuring our clients have the people resources and plans needed for successful launch, market expansion and profitable long term growth
  • Practical consulting services and training programs designed to deliver measurable results
  • Accountability and commitment for our clients' services

LEARNOV8 was founded by Richard Lim, Li Hualim and a group of professional trainers who believes that training and development should symbiosis with business objectives. Leveraging on their extensive training, communications and industry experiences. Since the challenges and goals of their clients are different, LEARNOV8's team of over 18 seasoned consultants bring specialized experience in sales, marketing, management, operations and employee across a broad range of industries.

"In your moment of decisions, your destiny is made"-Anonymous

Key Learning Approach- The 5 Steps Approach

learning appraoach

Developing team cultures in the organization: follow up session and continuous improvement training program

Formulate action plan for immediate execution

Your key objectives of the year

Coordination, cohesiveness, communication & collaboration

Developing positive mindset in individual and organization: if you think you can, you can

Full Circle Training

Our training programs are designed in such a way that it is in line with common business objectives as below:

  1. Gain new customers
  2. Retain existing customers
  3. Expand existing customers
  4. Regain lost customers

Once we recognize that "Customer is the boss", then the next question is "What do our boss want?" Thus we also design programs which helps to develop internal process to achieve:

  1. Quality (Product & service)
  2. Speed & accuracy
  3. Competitive pricing
"In order to ensure trainings deliver RESULTS, it must be championed from the top & go full circle" For example, if you want to create customer service culture, the training should start from the top management to identify and correct issues at the top strategic level and also to get buy in from top leaders. Then, the training programs are further enhanced and executed to all the staffs below. However, to ensure the front liners practice the newly acquired skills and attitude, Head of department must be equipped with performance management skills to monitor and measure their KPIs. Here are the steps of a successful full circle training:

STEP 1: Team Alignment

STEP 2: Corporate Realignment

STEP 3: Leadership Performance Management

STEP 4: Business Unit Alignment

STEP 5: Performance Reinforcement

Please click here to download a sample of full circle training road map


Strategic Partners

Asian Leadership Institute

Malaysian Human Resource Development

Malaysian Government Certified Training Provider

Business Software Intelligent

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"I give 6 over 6 to this program because I can't find any flaw in this program compared to other program I had attended" -Theodore Wong, GM Sumitomo-

"It is a great program to kick start our new quarter. Now my team is ready to achieve our new benchmark set in this program." -Mr Chua, CEO CSA-


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