Learnov8 proudly presents to you:
Strategic Team Alignment Retreat
"True team building, more than recreational retreat"

Attention: CEOs & HR Managers,

"Do you want to maximize your training budget for a team building program which will transform the mindset of team members towards taking ownership of the company, mission buy in, formulate action plan to achive organzation goals & developing team culture?"

Your need STAR if you intent to do this with your team:

1. You need to kick start the year with a powerful strategy which got the buy in from your team

2. Formulate effective strategies

3. Creating leaders

3. Team bonding

5. Reinforce business objectives

6. Revamp a team

7. Teaming for vision and mission buy in & realization.

8. Issues handling to the root cause level

9. Reward a team and motivation to do better

10. Imparting the right mindset for the right task and taking ownership of the company

11. To challenge the team to move to the next level.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to go for STAR:

1.    Mindset transformation
           Creating the awareness of having a positive mindset, taking ownership of the company & be a mover & shaker.

2.    Motivation & taking ownership of the company. 
          In spite of all the external factors, stay motivated & focus on the end results. Gaining commitment to take ownership of the              company.

3.  Reinforce key business objectives. 
        Business objectives are the main focus of all team members. It has to be reinforced every time to ensure we are                              strategically moving towards the goal.

4.  Team bonding & collaboration
          Teaming towards a common goal. Together everyone achives more.
5.   Root cause analysis & corrective action proposal
          If you are not getting the results you wanted. Let’s take the bull by its horn. Let’s go down to the root cause and come out                with correcitve action proposal which we can take action immediately. 

"Mindset Transformation"

"Action Planning"

"Team Bonding- Experential Learning"

"Motivation towards Organzation Mission"

"Reinforce Key Business Objectives"

"Mind Map summary of what have leant"

Testimonies – Here’s what other people say about STAR

"This is the best team building program I had attended"

"After this program, I think we have the confidence to kick start the year with our new formulated strategies in this retreat"

"This program had managed to bring up the issues we faced in the organzation and we are hoping a new change to happen"

"Simply Amazing"

"The songs are great, the activities are fun and I learnt a lot"

"I think I am going to engage Learnov8 to continue to training all our divisonal teams"

"Our branch profit has tripled after this program as staffs are able to cross sell more and team work is very much prevailing"

Here are 5 easy steps how to organize this training

STEP 1: Determine performance gap and key result area
STEP 2: Choose a training theme & location

STEP 3: Complete the 7 important question you must answer before executing any training  
(click here to download the questions)
STEP 4: Select an Instructor

STEP 5: Observe the Session and Review the Evaluations

STEP 6: Conduct follow up & coaching sessions

STEP 7: Complete full circle training (click here to download a sample of full circle training

This program is CEO endorsed and below are their testimonials


"Discover our innovative training methodology which will entertain you while you learn and stimulate your learning process through audio and visual aids and faster absoption of key points through doing it yourself!"

"The average concentration power of an adult is about 20 to 30 minutes"

Enjoy to learn is a innovative learning methodology where it builds on the pretext that humans learn most when they are having fun. Thus, Enjoy 2 learn is creating an enjoyable learning environment to prolong concentration power and longer learning impact. Below are extended Enjoy 2 Learn methodology used in all Learnov8 training programs

Entertrainment uses the element of entertainment in training in order to stimulate the interest of learning. This involves the use of creative sound systems, room setups & lightings which normally used in cinemas
Movies had created a lot of impacts in our everyday lives so much so, we associate a few actors or actresses with their ability to portray certain character. For example, Densel Washington is always associated with his ability to act as an influential leader in most of his movies. Popcorn learning uses short movie clips to reinforce & lock in the learning points. Our research shows most participants love the impacts of movies in training. 
Experiential learning engages participants to go through games & outdoor activities which they have never done it before in the organization or everyday lives which will challenge them to go out of the comfort zone. This create the strongest learning impact because of the experiences they have to go through which is normally unforgettable. 
2 days of training is never enough". This is what most Human Resource Managers comment on the duration of training programs. In order to ensure key concepts and learning points are registered in the mind, Learnov8 uses the accelerated learning method which involves the usage of colours, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), short key point slides, hand gestures and mind mapping & movies to drive messages across.

"Choose a location from our panel of resorts to suit your training theme, budget and travel distance"


International Destination:

Chiang Mai                              Bali  

Call Hilson at 012-572 2763 today or email to hilsonyeap@thelearnov8.com
to register your team for the STAR


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